Mobile Antenna Farm

Time to share a few details about my Overland Rig / Mobile Antenna Farm

Radios: * Icom IC-706MKIIG * Kenwood TM-D700 * Byonics MicroTrack-RTG (APRS) * Anytone SmartCB

Antennas: * Larsen 1/4 wave 2m NMO - Kenwood D700 * Tram 1/4 wave 70cm NMO - Kenwood D700 * Larsen 1/4 wave 2m NMP - MicroTrack-RTG * Comet SBB-1 - Icom IC-706 * Wolf River Coils Silver Bullet 1000 - Icom IC-706 * 2' Firestick - Anytone

Accessories: * LDG Z100 Auto Tuner - Between Icom IC-706 & Wolf River HF antenna * MFJ Duplexer - Splits single output of the Kenwood D700 into two mono-band antennas

It's a bit of a porcupine...
antennas antennas2

Driver's view:

Installation Details:

Power, this is under the center console. All Radios receive power from here. 100a fused 4awg from the battery to the cab, and than each output is individually fused.
power distro

APRS Transmitter

Kenwood TM-D700 - Under the passenger's seat.

Anytone SmartCB - For the off road club, and little else
anytone installed anytone size